Caring for Earth at Rahamim

We are always looking for ways to improve our care of Earth here at Rahamim. With every improvement, our site moves closer to being a total education experience for every visitor.

Some of our less visible practices are set out here, and link with signage in our buildings and on our grounds, so that visitors to both our property and our website can learn about how we care for Earth.


1. Where did the glass in the office doors come from?

The glass in our office doors was cut from an old shower screen, found at a local recycling facility.

The glass lets us keep heat in the offices during Bathurst's long, cold winters, while making sure that visitors still feel welcome.


2. Where did the door handle grips come from?

Old bicycle inner-tubes!

We found that some of our guests had trouble turning the smooth round handles to some of our rooms, and a member of staff came up with this ingenious way of solving the problem. Not only did the solution cost nothing, it diverted waste from landfill, and now all our guests can easily get where they need to go.


3. Why do you use bottled water in your drinking fountain?

Our building is very old, as is a lot of its plumbing. This means that sometimes water can appear rusty in colour. Until we are able to upgrade the plumbing, to make sure that the water both staff and visitors drink is safe, we felt the best solution was to provide clean spring water.

We did a lot of research to find a local, family-owned company which could supply us with water sourced as close as possible to Rahamim - and which would reuse the plastic vessels it was supplied in.


[... Stay tuned for more FAQs and their answers!]