Earth Hour 2017: Minimising our Footprint with Mercy

Earth Hour is a successful Australian campaign designed to care for Earth. That has come to mean drawing attention to energy use, tackling global warming and encouraging people to talk about what we can do to help. 
This year, as a Mercy community, we are invited to participate fully in Earth Hour. Collectively, our Mercy Institute has a very large energy footprint. The ISMAPNG Sustainability document, ‘An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Living’, lists ‘Energy’ as the first of 7 key areas for Mercy action. Sisters, personnel and ministry partners across ISMAPNG are invited to feel compassion for the destruction of Earth our energy demands inflict, and as an act of mercy take steps to minimise this devastation.
In Australia, Earth Hour brings communities together, with 1 in every 4 Australians taking part.
This year we celebrate 10 years of Earth Hour, which is making progress on climate change and taking action for the future generations of all species of life. Now celebrated in over 172 countries and over 7,000 cities and towns worldwide, the symbolic hour has grown into the world’s largest grassroots movement for the Earth community.

Click here for the Earth Hour Prayer

Click here for the Earth Hour Ritual

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