Michael Mobbs comes to Rahamim

Today we were lucky enough to have Michael Mobbs join us at Rahamim for a lunchtime learning session about managing domestic and urban water and temperatures as we come into summer.

If you’re short on cash, and living in an ordinary suburban home, Michael suggested that you might start by:

  • Changing your showerhead to a water efficient one – this will cost around $50 - $80 but you’ll make the money back within months both through water and energy savings
  • As light bulbs wear out, replace them with LED lights – lighting makes up 15 – 20% of the average domestic energy bill, and although LED lights are a little pricier, the fact that many of them now come with 20 or 25 year guarantees and the money you’ll save on your electricity bill will more than make up for the up-front cost
  • Grow your own food, or buy it locally

If you want to take action at a higher level, Michael’s top tips for urban areas included:

  • Using pale surfaces – wherever you can (roads, pavements, rooves)
  • Keep rain where it falls – harvest it through rainwater tanks, convert non-porous surfaces like concrete to porous ones wherever possible to allow water to flow into the ground
  • Plant trees! Trees are free airconditioners, and provide natural insulation against extremes of heat and cold; increasing coverage of trees in your local area by 10% can reduce your energy bills by 17 – 25%

If you’d like to learn more, Michael will be speaking at Rahamim’s monthly Green Drinks program this evening (5.30pm, 29 September 2017 – details here) – if you can’t join us in person you will be able to view the recording of his presentation on our YouTube channel.