The Ant Problem

Lately with the warmer weather, ants have been marching into the Rahamim kitchen in full force and we all know how the story ends for those fellow earth-sharers when they stubbornly refuse to understand our polite requests to leave the premises.

Here are some tips from the staff at Rahamim for dealing with ants:

-        If the dishwasher isn’t on hand wash your dishes after use and avoid leaving uncontained food lying around.

-        White vinegar poured around where ants are entering and leaving disrupts their scent trails and makes it harder for ants to find their way to sources of food. Or use 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water and use a cloth with the mixture to wipe down surfaces.

-        Distract them. Find a spot away from your house, near their home if possible. Place a small paper plate with a mix of honey and water. Once they find the sweet mixture they will happily go for this rather than battling their way into your home.

-        Ants don’t like strong smells. They mess up their scent trails and communication, not to mention it covers their bodies. If you use a spray bottle to spray a mix of 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and fresh water, around any entrances to the house. This will deter ants. Repeat when you deem it necessary (Usually when the scent starts to fade.) You can also substitute peppermint essential oil for Tea Tree Oil or Lemon Juice.