A Positive Impact On The Earth

Seville Mercy Conference Centre, located in Cairns is ensuring their operations will have a more positive impact on the Earth. In 2017, Rahamim Ecology Centre ran (with great success!) 'Rainforest Reawakening' retreat at the Seville Centre, teaching people about our interconnectedness with Earth. 

Some of the ways the Seville Centre will achieve positive environmental outcomes is through their water usage and chemicals used for cleaning.

Approximately 9000 Litres of water has been used each year for mopping floors. With the implementation of a new cleaning system, Seville estimate they will reduce this to 450 Litres – a saving of 8550 Litres or a 95% reduction in water use. A change to microfibre mop cloths will also mean they can now clean the floors using cold water 90% of the time, as the microfibre cloths remove the bacteria and make the floors cleaner than if using chemicals.

In addition to helping the environment there are also some time savings. Early indications are that the speed of the microfibre system is at least twice as quick as traditional mops and the floor is almost instantly dry. By using less water and cold water the majority of the time, there will also be savings on electricity and water rate charges. Occupational Health and Safety has also improved as there is no more lifting of 10kg to 15kg buckets of hot water, removing a lifting hazard and a scalding hazard. There is no more 10 litre or  20 litre chemical drums to be lifted as the largest size now is 5 Litres or 5.4kg. The minimal time of wet floors can reduce slip hazards from staff and clients.

Seville previously used approximately 15 litres of chemicals per year just on cleaning the floors, but can now use approximately 200 millilitres which is a huge saving of 99%. The new cleaning system will also reduce the 23 cleaning chemicals they previously stocked to just 7 chemicals for another 70% reduction.

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