What to do with your coffee grinds?

Coffee – what to do with the grinds.

After you have had a cup of coffee, what do you do with the coffee grinds?

After a quick survey around the office, most of us put our grinds in the compost bin. It is a great soil conditioner, it has a wonderful amount of nitrogen to give back to your garden! It is the perfect place for coffee grinds. There are some people who say that grinds are too acidic for the compost. There is some truth in this argument. The acidity, however is soluble and disappears quite quickly, so if you have a healthy compost system this really shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure that there are many other types of organic matter in the compost too!

Worms absolutely love coffee grinds. You could have a worm farm entirely made for coffee grinds – just make sure to add some lime every now and then to keep the worms happy.

The other gardening option with grinds is to put them as a mulch around your small seedlings that would otherwise be eaten by slugs and snails. The slugs and snails will not go anywhere near the coffee grinds, the soil will love the covering and it will help to create a lovely textured medium for growing. Just remember to top up your slug and snail barrier after rain.

There are many other uses for dried coffee grinds – just a quick search online will help you find a cleaner of sinks, pots and pans, hair, face, a deodoriser for shoes, fridges and wardrobes, an indoor plant tonic, a dye for taking scratches out of furniture and an ingredient for candles. Just to name a few.

How do you use your coffee grinds?