Coffee an unsustainable choice?


Most sustainable solution – don’t drink it!

It has travelled a long way to get to your cup. The further it has travelled, the further away the farmer is. The further away the farmer is, the less understanding you have about how it is grown, harvested and treated. It really is an unsustainable drink especially if you live in a cold climate in Australia.

If you are going to drink it (some feel that they really cannot go without - myself included), ask yourself a few questions:

1.     How far have these coffee beans travelled? There are coffee growers in Australia.

2.     Has it been farmed in a regenerative or “organic” way? Look into organically grown coffee.

3.     Has it been picked by workers who have been treated fairly? Look into fairtrade coffee.

4.     How is it packaged? The smaller the packet of coffee, the more packaging goes into it.

Once you have decided on these areas of ethics and production – enjoy your cup of coffee – it really should be a treat.