Climate Emergency inspires “Blessing of the Rivers – Living Water for All”

A farmer in the troubled Murray-Darling Basin has approached the Sisters of Mercy to hold a prayer ritual at the confluence of the Murray and Darling rivers in Wentworth, NSW.

This simple blessing is a non-political, peaceful way for communities everywhere to gather and pay attention to the precious gift of water for the life of the entire Earth community, and to pray for the healing of river systems at this time.

Outside of Wentworth, other communities will be holding similar prayer services simultaneously, including one organised by Rahamim in Bathurst, NSW, on the banks of the Wambool (Maquarrie River). All members of the community are welcome to attend.

Communities everywhere are encouraged to organise their own blessing ceremonies. Contact us for access to the ritual prepared by Sisters of Mercy.

Source: climate-emergency