“Climate Emergency and Pope Francis” Program Underway

A three-part pilot program on the climate emergency and the response of Pope Francis is currently underway at Rahamim.

The three sessions of the program cover scientific understandings of the climate crisis and how faith groups are responding. Each of the sessions allows time for personal contemplation and reflection through prayer, sharing and ritual.

Part 1 takes a scientific look at what’s happening to our common home and the climate emergency. This includes understanding climate science such as the carbon cycle, greenhouse gases, Earth’s atmosphere, ocean currents, temperatures, and air mass. Current and predicted extinction rates, ocean acidification, flooding, fires and other effects caused by human carbon emissions are also covered.

Part 2 explores how human lifestyles have changed over time and how exactly this has led to the impacts covered in part 1. We look at two of the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions linked to lifestyles: an economic system based on limitless ‘growth’ through manufacturing of ‘goods’ and the production of food. We explore political systems and the coal industry while examining the urgent language used to describe Earth’s decline by the last three popes. We conclude with an introduction to Paul Hawken’s work in Project Drawdown (2017), particularly the education of women and girls as a highly-ranked solution.

Part 3 examines the impacts of the climate emergency we are already seeing in our local bioregion and what steps (personally, locally and globally) can be taken to survive it.

This course will soon be available to be presented in any location, either online or face-to-face with particular groups (such as workplace, school or parish groups) upon request. Please contact sally.neaves@rahamim.org.au for more information.