Grounded in Truth: National Reconciliation Week at Rahamim

This week we have been reflecting on the vital ongoing partnership between the Rahamim team and the Bathurst Wiradyuri Elders upon whose Country our ministry resides and with whom we are proud to collaborate often. Wherever we are, the process of reconciliation offers us so much to learn about honouring and listening to Earth, helping us to shift our consciousness to protect and love Earth in new and ancient ways.

In a recent Green Drinks, Elder Dinawan Djirribang gave a stirring address full of truth about Wiradyuri history and culture, including the violence of the colonial period and emerging Elder, Yanhadarrambal shared his remarkable story on our Thresholds podcast. These stories, grounded in truth, open up new possibilities for us to walk together with courage.

One of our most memorable moments was a recent 'On Country Cultural Immersion' for the Rahamim team in which we spent a day learning about the spirituality and cosmology of the Wiradyuri, the significance of places on the Rahamim site (including a traditional birthing site) and of Wahluu (Mt Panorama), a traditional initiation site for young men.

We are grateful for the generosity of our Elders who serve and educate the community in many ways including storytelling, welcomes to Country, traditional land management practices, dance and ritual.

Wiradyuri cultural immersions are conducted frequently on Country using Rahamim as a base. For more information visit Gunhigal Mayiny Wiradyuri Enterprises.


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