Down to Earth – Thurgoona visit

From Seed to Sauerkraut

Rahamim’s Sustainability Educator visited the Mercy Connect site in Thurgoona, to teach the skills needed to run a nursery. The Branching Out Crew, a group of Staff and participants from Mercy Connect who go out into the community offering gardening services to the public, were treated to a workshop to learn how to start seeds in trays, move seedlings to larger pots, and to prepare and propagate cuttings. They were also taught the recipes to make the correct medium to grow seeds, seedlings and cuttings. 

In the kitchen at Mercy Connect, the staff had fun learning how simple it is to make Sauerkraut. We joked about the therapeutic benefits of macerating the cabbage before putting it into a crock-pot for fermenting.

We were able to taste the fruits of previous visits to Mercy connect. In the last visit, we fermented tea, making Kombucha – it was ready for this visit and oh so very delicious!