Mercy Health’s approach to Pope Francis’ ‘Care For Our Common Home’

Mercy Health cares for more than 190,000 people across Australia each year and now it’s turning its attention to caring for our common home – the earth.

Mercy Health is believed to be one of the first Australian organisations to be linking with the Encyclical Laudato Si, written by Pope Francis. 

The Encyclical was released in May 2015 and called for a holistic approach to reducing greenhouse gases to instigate real long term environmental change. Group Executive Director Leadership & Mission Julia Trimboli said it is important as an organisation founded by Catherine McAuley to care for those in need, that Mercy Health now responds to the needs of its time. 

‘Our health system uses significant resources and Mercy Health is committed to becoming a sustainable service which reflects on its environmental impacts in order to drive change both internally and externally,’ explained Ms Trimboli. 



Mercy Health’s ‘Our People and its Planet’ Committee has developed the 'Mercy Health Approach to Care For Our Common Home' which outlines how we will better care for the environment, people and ultimately our planet by making a sustainable reduction to our ecological footprint. 

The committee has come up with six focus areas:

• Raising awareness
• Gathering information
• Building connections
• Empowering the Encyclical
• Creating education and transformation
• Reflection and evaluation

‘Mercy Health is committed to making a real difference to the communities it serves and we believe part of this difference is ensuring we leave future generations with a healthy planet,’ Ms Trimboli said. 

‘As Pope Francis says: ‘whether believers or not, we are agree today that the earth is essentially a shared inheritance, whose fruits are meant to benefit everyone.’

Pictured are members of Mercy Health’s ‘Our People and its Planet’ Committee: 
L-R: Service Improvement Manager Carolyn Russell, Group Executive Director Leadership and Mission Julia Trimboli and Mercy Hospital for Women Emergency Department Consultant Dr Lisa Rasmussen.