Shiitake Workshop

Rahamim recently hosted Alice Blackwood presenting a workshop to inoculate logs of wood with Shiitake spawn. There were 20 people from Bathurst and as far as the Blue Mountains and Orange, including Sisters of Mercy) who came to learn about Mushroom growing.

Local timber, of Chinese Elm, Applebox and Snowgum, was donated and cut to size, ready for drilling. Each participant was given the opportunity to drill the logs with many holes deep and wide enough to accept either a piece of inoculated dowel hammered into the log, or inoculated wood shavings injected into the hole with a specially designed tool. The newly filled holes were then covered and sealed with hot beeswax to allow the spawn to grow and take over the log.

The inoculated logs will now be placed in a protected space around participants’ homes and here at Rahamim and kept moist for a period of 18 months before we get to see any mushrooms, then we will be able to harvest the shiitake mushrooms for months to come!