Caring for Earth in South Australia

The South Australian Mercies have been living their care for Earth through the following actions and activities since June 2017:

  • With the Australian Conservation Foundation, Catholic EarthCare and the No Dump Alliance, we continue to campaign to stop the Australian Federal Liberal Government's Nuclear Waste Dump plan in SA. (The State plan was declared "dead" by the SA Premier Jay Weatherill on June 7, but the Federal plan is still on the agenda of the Australian Federal Government)
  • Supported the call on Jay Weatherill to make Solar Thermal happen in Port Augusta.
  • Viewed the film Guarding the Galilee and with Catholic EarthCare to lobby and campaign for Stop Adani.
  • Have been encouraging the whole school community of Mercedes College to participate in prayers and actions for the Season of Creation:
    • Pray the Prayer for Our Earth from Pope Francis
    • Commit ourselves to reflection, acts of kindness and gratitude and deeds of advocacy during each of the 34 days of the Season of Creation from the Calendar created by the Mercy International Association.
    • Copies of the Season of Creation calendar are displayed at the most noticeable place in each classroom, office, staffroom, canteen and library as a reminder for our commitments for this month.
    • Resources on the Season of Creation from MIA were sent to all teaching staff to incorporate them into their RE learning and teaching programme.
    • An article about the Season of Creation include a copy of the Prayer for Our Earth and the Season of Creation calendar were sent home to all families and were also posted on the school website for all to access.