Plastic Free July

This July, over two million people around the world are choosing to be part of ‘Plastic Free July Challenge’, reducing their consumption of single-use plastics in July and beyond.

Starting as a small, local campaign for individuals to raise awareness and change behavior, the campaign has grown to include businesses, community groups, schools and industry inviting them to be part of the solution to the growing environmental issue of plastic waste.

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Solar rollout begins

ISMAPNG is in the early stages of rolling out a massive plan to transition away from fossil fuels through, among other things, the installation of solar panels on a number of its properties.

These photos are of one of the first solar installations of the rollout, and were taken at Lockyer Street, Adamstown, NSW. The installation went live on September 15 and ISMAPNG's Environmental Sustainability Project Manager and property team are working with the solar engineers to monitor the performance of the system and ensure that everything works as it should.

ISMAPNG's Environmental Sustainability Project Manager and property team, in partnership with BIG Procurement, are now working to identify the group of properties which will benefit from the next phase of the rollout.

For more information, email ISMAPNG's Environmental Sustainability Project Manager.

Living in an Earth Community: ISMAPNG Action on Sustainable Buildings

How can we live more justly in the Earth community? As our Mercy values and constitutions affirm, “we are integrally connected with each other and with the whole of creation” – is this reflected in our homes and other buildings? If not, what changes are demanded of us in our adaptation, design and construction of the buildings in which we live and work in order to ‘break with the logic of violence, exploitation and selfishness’ (Pope Francis: 8th Work of Mercy) in our use of land, materials and Earth’s life-support systems, especially water?

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