Keeping cool through summer...without air conditioning!

We’re coming up to another warm week here in Bathurst, and while the historic building which houses Rahamim is beautiful, it doesn’t have any air-conditioning and tends to start feeling like a brick kiln after a hot day or two! Here are some of the ways we try to keep the temperature down at work:

  • Staff are welcome to move to cooler parts of the house or grounds to work on hot days, or even to go home for a siesta during the afternoon before coming back to work in the evening when it’s a little cooler

  • Using old-fashioned air-conditioning by putting damp cloths over pedestal fans, which use much less energy than air-conditioners

  • Closing blinds on those sides of the house which face the sun

  • Closing windows during the heat of the day and opening them as wide as possible over night to allow cool air to circulate

Some other hints are:

  • Investing in thick block-out curtains or blinds to reduce heat from windows

  • Focus on the temperature in your body, not the building - sip iced drinks and apply a cold cloth or ice to strong-pulsed areas like your neck and wrists, cooling yourself from the inside

  • Fill a water bottle, and put it in the freezer before placing it at the foot of your bed

  • Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise

  • Don't use the oven or stove top for meals. Try salads, cold soups or using the BBQ outside! Ovens heat your house like...well an oven!

How do you keep your home or workplace cool during hot weather?