Our War on Waste: Recycling and reusing

Join the war on waste!

For anyone who has been inspired by the ABC’s new TV series, War on Waste (and if you haven’t, you can catch it on iView here), there are a few quick and easy things you can do right now to join the fight:


Recycle your soft plastics

As you would have seen in this week’s episode, a large proportion of household waste is composed of soft plastics (plastics which can easily be scrunched into a ball in your hand – for example, plastic bread bags, cling film). You might not know that these are able to be recycled through the REDcycle program which operates across Australia and New Zealand – simply bundle up your soft plastics and drop them off at your nearest collection point (often a supermarket such as Coles or Woolies).

·       Learn what you can and can’t REDcycle here

·       Find your nearest collection point here

·       If you live in Bathurst, Rahamim collects soft plastics for REDcycle – contact us to learn more or drop your soft plastics into the marked bin when you next visit!


Manage food waste

There are three simple ways to manage your food waste:

Reduce your food waste by planning meals with care so that leftovers are minimised

It seems obvious, but a large percentage of food bought in Australia ends up as landfill, so it’s obviously an area in which we could do better: reduce your food waste through careful forward planning and creative use of leftovers.

You might like to:

·       Use a food planner app such as Recipe Keeper to plan your meals

·       Learn how to store leftovers


Recycle your food waste by composting or using a bokashi bucket


Composting is one of our favourite things here at Rahamim – it allows you to convert food waste into beautiful rich soil in your own backyard without the need for any special equipment (although you might prefer to use a purpose-built compost bin if you have limited space).

There are tons of resources available online if you’d like to learn more about compost, including how to make your own – you might like to start with these:

·       Learn about composting from International Compost Awareness Week Australia

·       Learn how to make your own compost from Clean Up Australia Day


Bokashi buckets

Bokashi buckets are purpose-built buckets which allow you to recycle ALL your organic waste (including meat and dairy, which you can’t add to a compost).


They are fantastic for city, especially apartment, dwellers, as they are fairly small and can fit on a benchtop or under your kitchen sink

·       Learn more about bokashi buckets here

·       Buy a bokashi bucket at your local Bunnings or online here.


Recycle (some) food waste using your Council green bin

The availability of “green bins” (often actually green in colour, and usually used to collect organic waste), varies from Council to Council, as does the material they accept. To learn more about whether such bins are available in your area, contact your local Council.