One of the most popular program offerings at Rahamim is something called Eco Arts. What do we mean by Eco Arts?

Eco Art at Rahamim is one of the many spiritual practices to be experienced in our programs. Like many practices, it is designed for the participant to simply pay attention to the intricate details of life around us. The intention of the art process is always to draw forth, encourage and immerse participants in the understanding that we are interconnected with and not separate from our surroundings.

Our practices in Eco Arts incorporate what most participants would recognise as mindfulness and meditation. We usually work outdoors and attempt to connect with a being that is other than human, be it plant or rock or animal. The art created is secondary to the process of creating and exploring our relationship with the Earth community. We try to use simple, natural and recycled materials where possible.

The creative process fosters a sense of the sublime and deep appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us every day. As a result of sustained attention, participants usually experience a feeling of awe, wonder and connection with the subject. This can open to enhanced empathy, protection and healing for the long-term flourishing of the whole Earth community.

These practices have become an integral part of our retreats and spirituality days. If you would like to know more contact us.