This year the staff at Rahamim have their own personal eco-resolutions they want to achieve.

  • Reduce rubbish waste and packaging even more on a daily basis. – Alicia

  • Reduce the number of packaged snacks I buy and eat. – Craig

  • This year I’m moving towards having a zero waste home and so I’m going to teach myself how to make my own bread, butter and blush. – Ana

  • I want to make an effort to cook more meals at one time and freeze them. I hope by doing this, using up a lot of the produce I have at one time will mean I will reduce the amount of food I need to throw out. – Jen G

  • Gave up car and licence 4 years ago, gave up TV 5 years ago, boycott particular brands and shops like McDonalds, Nestle, Kraft. Don’t use nasty chemicals anymore and stop buying anything with excess packaging. – Paul

  • My eco goal is to grow more food in my garden with minimal town water. I have started some new beds including in the front yard. The potato patch is out the front and they are breaking up the soil because people used to park on it so it’s very compacted. After the potatoes some trees will go in. – Sally