An effective way to relax and unwind in the colder months is a warm bath. These jars of Epsom salts mix are great as a gift idea or to make for yourself at home.

Baths are a great way to practice self-care, reduce stress, and improve your mental health. A great addition are Epsom salts which are a mineral crystal (magnesium sulphate) used to treat aching muscles and are a natural anti-inflammatory. An Epsom salt soak helps to alleviate colds and period pain. They are also used as a skin detoxifier and hydrator. Bicarb soda can be added to clear the skin and help heal insect bites and burns.

Aromatherapy is also shown to have calming effects and benefit your well-being. Flowers such as lavender, chamomile, and sage leaves are suggested to sooth headaches and improve sleep. You can combine this with mint leaves for something invigorating and rejuvenating.

Below is an Epsom salts mix that I’ve put together using what’s in our garden: lavender, chocolate mint, rose, and feverfew. I’ve dried the flowers and leaves as they keep longer than fresh, but you could also infuse the salts with essential oils.

Store your Epsom salts mix in a glass jar (repurposed of course) and add about ¼ - ½ cup per bath. If you don’t have a bath, then you can use them for a foot soak.


  • 1 cup Epsom Salts

  • ½ cup Bicarb soda

  • Lavender

  • Mint

  • Dried flowers/leaves or essential oils of your choice