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The Universe Story: Our Story

On the third Wednesday of each month, Sr Patricia Powell rsm leads a discussion about our Common Home, Planet Earth, against the backdrop of the universe story. The universe came into existence 15.7 billion years ago and our planet formed 5 billion years ago in a solar system on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. The emergence of life on the planet, with all its variety and complexity locates our species on an extraordinary “Family Tree”. These discussions provide a safe space where participantscan ask questions and share insights; appreciate the interconnectedness of all creation; evaluate the kind of civilization we have made; consider how we might organize our society into the future; reflect on how we make meaning and articulate our spiritual beliefs; and imagine how we might reinvent ourselves as human beings and our role on the planet and in the universe. Input from contemporary scientists, cosmologists and spiritual leaders enrich the discussions.

The sessions are $10 and run from 7.00pm – 9.00pm