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Keeping healthy Backyard Chickens

  • 34 Busby Street South Bathurst, NSW, 2795 Australia (map)

A focus on feed and nutrition for the best eggs in town!

Meeting the nutritional needs of your backyard chickens isn't as simple as it sounds. Our domesticated chickens need excellent nutrition to make delicious, nutrient dense eggs and meat. Many poultry keepers rely on pelleted feeds many of which don't meeting the optimal nutrient requirements.  Keepers find they feed scratch mixes with grain and seed selections most of which the birds ignore. Can we do better? Yes, and for a lower cost, without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

We will show you how to make your own bespoke, top quality chicken feed from easily purchased ingredients such as pollard and wheat at very low cost with only a little effort.

COST   $30 per person