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Weaving Threads - Women of Earth Series (Online) Session 2: Sallie McFague

An opportunity to explore the new theological questions arising in our times as we take up the challenge of Earth’s distress.

Interactive weekly sessions, incorporating content, conversation and reflection, will unpack the pioneering advances of women in eco-theology who paved the way for current efforts to “Care for our Common Home” (Pope Francis). Each week will focus on the contributions of one pioneer in theology, weaving a common thread between them, as the stimulus for each session.

Sessions will be conducted using Zoom, an easy to use online platform. Participants can engage with one another as well as the facilitator from anywhere they are by simply clicking on a link which will be sent to you. An internet-connected device will be required.

Sallie McFague, American Christian Theologian, best known for her analysis of how metaphor lies at the heart of speaking about God, especially applied ecologically.

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