Rahamim teams up with Greening Bathurst to ensure our home gardens are ready for big climate challenges.

With so many variables in the conditions (water, drought, seasonal conditions and species decline) are you concerned about how your garden will survive into the future?

Greening Bathurst and Rahamim have teamed up to start and support a group of keen gardeners interested in knowing how to create beautiful and sustainable gardens and also get the help at home to make it happen.

Group coordinator Margaret Shearer said that the groups had been formed in response to growing interest and enquiries from the community. “People are concerned about water availability, the impact of increasing heat and extreme weather on their gardens and how to design and maintain a garden that supports biodiversity” said Margaret. “Many of the plants that once thrived in Bathurst are now struggling here and as the climate changes there are new species that do well here”.

The group aims to meet regularly to share ideas that empower people to make changes and support each other in finding new ways to adapt their gardens. It can be disheartening for people to see trees and plants around town dying from stress but this can also mean the loss of critical habitat for insects and other wildlife.

GB Chair Ashley Bland said that climate change was as much about people adapting as ecosystems. “We know that Bathurst is heading to a climate more like Cowra or Dubbo and we know that people invest heavily in their gardens so it makes sense to start talking about planning gardens that will thrive in the coming decades.”

Our first get-together will be on Monday, 8th July at 12.30pm in the Rahamim Library, 34 Busby St, Bathurst.  To get involved, contact Margaret Shearer on margaretshearer@y7mail.com or call 0404 462 791.

Photo by: Tim Bergen