After months in development, Fraynework has launched a new sustainable therapeutic resource, SplashArt.

SplashArt is an innovative colouring and painting meditative tool. Participants are able to simply paint water on to a re-usable surface which reveals an image. After the painting exercise is complete, the illustration dries to its original white state, ready to be used up to 200 times.

Each of five custom-drawn illustrations are paired with an accompanying story card to form a creative Mercy formation and educative tool for schools, aged care homes, social services, hospitals and other workplaces.

The idea behind SplashArt was inspired by Mercy Health CEO, Stephen Corneillson who was exploring Mercy-inspired expressive artistic options for residents of Mercy aged care facilities.

Fraynework CEO, Deb Carter said “We have been really focussed on the issue of sustainability and searching for ways to support this vision in our ministry. I really wanted to create something that was a more meaningful experience by adding the story cards so that the resource could be used in pairs or groups as a conversation starter, not just as an exercise in itself. And most importantly, I wanted to create a reusable product that was kind to the environment.”

The first SplashArt series is entitled Discover Mercy especially designed to encourage and inspire conversations about significant aspects of the Mercy story.

In this series, engaging themes of Mercy are explored through the topics of

·      Catherine’s Response to Need

·      A House of Mercy

·      Extravagant Hospitality

·      In Celebration of Catherine and

·      Care for our Common Home. 

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