On Friday 28 June, Green Drinks supporters were treated to a highly inspiring talk given by Lis Bastian on the topic “Changing the Story”. Lis’s dynamic storytelling style and unique world-changing projects sparked great interest from all present on the night.  

Influenced by permaculture philosophy, practice and principles, Lis set out many years ago to try to address the problems that climate change will cause. Lis was very honest about the dark period she went through after finding out about global warming and so she set out to do something about it. Training with Al Gore, she became a teacher and facilitator on the topic of climate change and what we can do about it. However, having been an artist and art teacher she saw that that the problem ran deeper and what was needed was a radical overhaul of the story we tell ourselves.

Lis very eloquently explained how narratives have changed over the course of humanity and that now the people controlling the narrative are the media. Everyday, we are bombarded with negative stories from the news media because journalist know well that “If it bleeds, it leads” and these stories sell.

Seeing the solution in the problem, Lis founded “The Big Fix”, which aims to change the story. The Big Fix provides both local news media and global, online and print form. The stories in The Big Fix center around solutions to environmental and social problems and highlight individuals and organizations who are working to address some of these wicked problems. You can check out The Big Fix or like them on Facebook to receive daily updates of positive and solutions-based news.

Lis also discussed two of her newer projects Edgy BM and the Blue Mountains Pluriversity.

Edgy Blue Mountains is a collaborative social enterprise exploring new ways to live and work in the 21st century. They are a group of young artists, writers, creators, designers and permaculture practitioners who are using the network to create meaningful work for themselves and to connect with their community. Find out more about Edgy BM here.

The Pluriversity is a new model for non-formal education being offered by the Blue Mountains community and co-ordinated by The Big Fix Inc. Having commenced just recently in mid-2019 it provides a range of learning opportunities for young people including work experience, mentorships, workshops and events. Find out more about Blue Mountains Pluriversity here

If you missed out but would like to hear the talk, you can find a recording of the talk below.