This week, we were pleased to welcome former Rahamim staff member, John Fry, back for a brief visit. John planned and executed major earthworks for the site of Rahamim over ten years ago. 

John designed for a very degraded block of land that had limited diversity of flora and fauna. John’s vision was to slow the passage of water over the site offering places where the water could soak into Earth to support plantings of native flora so to encourage the fauna to return to this site. His design also included treatment areas for the grey water that is produced inside the building.

Joy was shown on John’s face when he saw the most recent plantings of trees and shrubs in the leaky dam. This area was planted out only 4 years ago. The trees have grown to about 2 meters high just in the last few years. The fruit trees planted have also had a great response to this system. John was also excited to see the amount of diversity and amount of growth in the grasses covering all the bare earth on the site. When he first started at Rahamim, this area was covered in a hardy prickly Bathurst weed called “Cathead”.

To see a more detailed report of the changes that John implemented please watch the Rahamim Water Story