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The Property

Logan Brae House is surrounded by 4.7 hectares of gardens that have been dedicated to permaculture principles. This includes a community garden, a food forest, poly houses, water habitats and a chicken forage system. 
We have a Community Garden that is open to anyone who wishes to be a part of it. There are a number of plots for individual hire, and there are a number of communal plots. 
Rahamim Ecology Centre's chickens live in luxury! They are housed in chicken forage yards, based on an eight-bed rotation system. Eggs are used in all of our in-house catering and you can taste the difference. 

Logan Brae House

The Logan Brae residence was built in the 1870’s by John Busby for his wife Harriett and his ten children.
For an interim period Logan Brae was used as the Headquarters of the Experiment Farm and as accommodation for their students. The property was bought in 1909 by Mr John Meagher MLC and donated to the Sisters of Mercy for use as a formation house and teacher training facility for young Mercy novices. The broader property became known as ‘St Joseph’s Mount’.
The property has been in constant use as a convent residence, administration and education centre for the Sisters of Mercy for over 100 years.
Logan Brae is a beautifully detailed ‘Mid Victorian Italianate Mansion' designed by Edward Gell (who also designed St Stanislaus College) and built in 1877 by David Jones (who also built the Bathurst Court House). With poly chrome brick under a hipped iron roof and symmetrical façade, the house was considered large and opulent for it's time. Very little structural changes have been made to the main part of the house. 

St Joseph's Mount Chapel

The St Joseph’s Mount Chapel was constructed in 1916. It was seen as having achieved a successful blend of the chapel in the Early English style with a modern mansion. Today the chapel offers a quiet and spacious place for your ceremonies and celebrations.