Apple and Quince golden Syrup Self Saucing Pudding


Wow! That title was a mouthful! And so is this pudding. Perfect for dessert on a brisk Autumn evening or even a Sunday afternoon tea with friends. Quince are in season so get to it!


•    1 quince (around 300g/10.6ozs)
•    1-2 apples (around 300g/10.6ozs total)
•    Bowl of lemon water
•    80g/2.82ozs. butter, melted
•    1/2 cup caster or superfine sugar
•    1 egg
•    1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste
•    1/4 cup golden syrup, treacle or maple syrup
•    1 cup plain all purpose flour
•    1.5 teaspoon baking powder
•    1/2 cup milk


For sauce
•    1 tablespoon cornstarch
•    1/4 cup brown sugar
•    1/3 cup golden syrup
•    1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste
•    1 cup boiling water



Step 1

Preheat oven to 180C/350F. Peel and core the quince and cut into small pieces and place in the bowl of lemon water. Do the same for the apples.

Step 2

Mix the butter, sugar, egg, vanilla bean paste and golden syrup together. Then add the flour, baking powder and milk to form a batter. Set aside.

Step 3

Make sauce mix by whisking the cornstarch, brown sugar, golden syrup, vanilla and boiling water in a jug.

Step 4

Drain the quince and apples and place in the baking dish. Top with the thick batter and smooth over the top as best you can (you don't need to be precise). Then pour the sauce mix into the batter where it will settle at the bottom. Bake for 50-55 minutes. Check after 40 minutes, if it is looking a bit too brown, turn down the heat to 160C/320F.


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