Our annual Cairns retreat, held at Seville Mercy Conference Centre, was recently conducted for a particular group by request: the Formation for Australian Catholic Educators (FACE) association.

The retreat process, facilitated by Margie Abbott rsm and Rahamim’s Sally Neaves, followed the spiral of practices designed by Joanna Macy in “The Work that Reconnects” incorporating significant time in the rainforest on site at Seville, and in the Cairns Botanic Gardens. There was also time to learn about the Universe Story and our human responsibilities through reflection, ritual and commitment to imaginative action.

Macy’s spiral of practices moves from the place of gratitude for the awe and wonder we experience on Earth, to knowing our pain/the grief we feel for Earth’s destruction, and seeing with new eyes before going forth.

Central to the experience of this retreat are the principles behind what we eat. Inspired meals prepared by Rahamim’s Alicia Colley gave participants an experience of what Rahamim stands for in our SOLVE approach to food: Seasonal, Organic, Local, Vegetarian and Ethical. Participants were given the chance to see how it feels to eat this way and to consider taking it up at home through Alicia’s online recipes.

The exceptional hospitality at the Seville centre and ideal conditions in Cairns during winter make the whole experience of the rainforest reawakening retreat unforgettable.

Stay tuned on our newsletter for details of the next rainforest reawakening retreat in May 2020!