The people of Bathurst and surrounding areas were extremely privileged to have Charles Massey come to give a key-note address recently to a group of like-minded farmers and eaters alike.

Charles Massey is the author of “The Call of the Reed Warbler”. In this book he explains with deep insights and understanding the history and future of agriculture and how this relates to the health of the planet and the overall health of humankind. He couples this with wonderful stories of farmers growing food, and regenerating landscape simultaneously. The key insight delivered in his address was that these regenerative farmers are aiming to get out of the way of nature to allow the landscape to recover. He looks at many different methods that incredible and innovative farmers are using to make a positive impact on Earth, whilst growing quality and nutrient rich food.

Other speakers at the conference included farmers who have successfully implemented regenerative practices into their farms. Practices such as Organic farming in wine making and polycultures in vegetable growing, natural sequence farming, biodynamics, holistic management, direct sowing and keyline design and management. Another two speakers, who were leading psychologists from Canberra presented on the general and very positive well-being of regenerative farmers as opposed to their conventional and industrial contemporaries.

Amongst the crowd were keen and energetic farmers who wanted to improve their practices and find out more about which type of regenerative methods would suit their situation.  There were people who had also travelled from far and wide who consume food who were trying to make more informed choices about how their shopping and eating habits can have a huge effect on Earth.

Massey’s insights, and the methods of others in the field of regenerative agriculture, continue to inspire our practices and educational programs at Rahamim today.

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