Spring Cosmology Series Part 1

The Grammar of the Universe: Communion, Differentiation and Subjectivity

Online Course

Those with an awareness of the unfolding Universe Story may find themselves asking questions like “Where have we come from?” “Where is the universe headed?” and “How does the universe show us how to live?” Our new online series “The Grammar of the Universe” explores these questions in light of the work of Thomas Berry.

Thomas Berry came up with the exciting observation that, since its beginning, the Universe has been governed by three innate directions: Differentiation, Subjectivity and Communion. He called these three principles “The footprints of God” because they are evident throughout everything in the universe from its very beginnings until the present moment.

Berry also believed that these three principles offered a clue for where the universe is headed into the future – toward the greatest differentiation we can handle, the most deeply-evolved subjectivity we can imagine, and the strongest communion possible.

This week, participants in the series were introduced to the three principles in general before exploring the principle of differentiation in particular. We were able to share with each other examples of differentiation happening in our own lives – for example, multiculturalism, more acceptance of difference in society, and biodiversity being a sign of a stronger system. We also reflected on what we see around us that would be in violation of this principle: restrictions placed on refugees rights, unfair treatment of indigenous peoples, monocultures like wheat or corn replacing rainforests. In nature, the more differentiated the system, the healthier it becomes. This is an important observation to reflect on and applied in our human systems.

Next week, participants will explore part 2: Subjectivity. This is what Berry called the interiority, or the “numinous”, inner life of all beings. New participants in the course are welcome to join us in parts 2 or 3.

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