Rahamim Programs for Schools

These programs are adaptable for primary, junior secondary, middle and senior secondary students. The length of each program can be tailored to meet the needs of the group. They are generally 30-40mins each.

School retreats and spirituality days can be designed for your class, leadership team, year group or whole school. 

Music, Drama, Visual Art and Design (integrating Sciences, Religious Education and Geography)

3D Eco Art

Explore below the heritage oak trees and find a good part of a fallen branch or cone that could become a work of art. Notice the shape, line, and texture of your item. Decorate your item using beautiful traditional indigenous colours and patterns or colourful yarn bombing and weaving.

Drawing on Quiet Observation

This activity is about finding your own quiet spot and closely observing something from our grounds outside. It could be an ordinary patch of grass, a new pea seedling, a feather, a water drop under a microscope, anything with small details that you can observe and sketch carefully. You’ll be surprised how you feel afterwards!


Read the story The Island by John Heffernan, a story book about our fascination with the beautiful gifts Earth provides and what happens if too many people over-use them. Use the traditional dramatic form of Shadow Theatre from ancient South-East Asia to re-tell the end of the story.


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a growing bean or an ancient oak tree? Inspired by the Japanese method ’Butoh’, experience how very slow free movement and compelling music can inspire our imagination to re-connect us with the natural world. 

Natural Pigments and Paints

Discover ancient methods of expression that have been used in indigenous rock art for thousands of years by using plants and soils to make coloured paints.

Getting into Clay

When we hold clay in our hands we connect with our origins, with Earth. Spend time relaxing with the experience of clay and expressing yourself in sculpture inspired by our natural surrounds.

Foliage and Feathers

Re-discover the wonderful textures and shapes available to us by collecting foliage and feather specimens from our garden to use instead of paint brushes. Contribute to the Rahamim installation art project so we can remember you long after you go home!

Voice of the Voiceless: Advocacy Songs and Stencils

Meet Paul, our resident eco-warrior, who will tell us stories of how he bravely protected ancient trees in the Leard State Forest of NSW and saved kangaroo populations on Mt Panorama. Learn about ways we can spread the word by creating simple stencils, inspired by the artist Banksy, with natural spray paint onto recycled cardboard to take home. Learn some of Paul’s catchy original songs to share with your family and friends.

Choir and Drumming Workshop

Learn about the wonders of our natural world through fun songs, chants and rounds that will get you drumming and moving!

Permaculture Design

Get to know the basics of the permaculture design principles. Put them to use by designing the beginnings of a permaculture system for your school!

Slow Fashion

What’s wrong with my $4 t-shirt? Explore the world of fast fashion, human exploitation and environmental degradation by re-thinking your wardrobe. Learn the skills to fix, design and make your own slow fashion.

Carbon Neutral Challenge

What is an entrepreneur? What skills do they have? How can we make our lives better and solve a massive challenge? Use your aspiration to be a famous entrepreneur to come up with an imaginative, simple design to solve a big problem – carbon emissions from transport - and help the world get off fossil fuels. Enter your design into the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest or Latrobe University’s Aspire Generation initiative.

Geography (integrating Science and Maths)
Geography Fieldwork

Explore the 3 types of Environments (Natural, Managed and Constructed) of Rahamim, our water story, wet and dry environments, different plant species, plant uses and the Wiradjuri heritage of this site. Using a grid, create a map to show your Geography skills!

Flour in Focus - Wood-fired Damper Cooking

Where does flour come from and what foods can we make with it? Use the wood-fired oven and follow a recipe to bake damper with herbs from the garden, then top with honey from Rahamim’s bees - enjoy!


Permaculture Tour

Learn about how all the parts of the grounds at Rahamim are designed to connect together to create one big sustainable relationship to support life for humans, chickens, bees wild creatures (like insects and possums), water and soil. Hear the story of our heritage trees, the mountains and grasslands we can see from the veranda of St Joseph’s Mount. Discover how we can grow food without chemicals. Have a go at working in our community garden.

Hands-On Compost

What’s in soil that makes it grow food? Take some time to learn about compost lasagne – the layers that work together to make rich soils at Rahamim and the VIP worms that love to get in there. Have a go at putting on the different layers and turning some compost so that we can make our worms happy and grow yummy organic veggies long into the future.

Seeds for the Future

Learn about the best ways to grow food from heritage seeds and the importance of keeping these varieties going. We will plant some seeds in re-purposed containers for our polyhouse. Choose a seedling to take with you and grow some veggies at home!

Fair Trade

Use hands-on maths activities to work out how care of the environment directly effects care of human beings, especially in developing countries around the world. This hands-on activity puts us in the shoes of those who produce our chocolate, soccer balls, fashion and other everyday items to work out what’s fair for Earth and fair for people. 

Full-on Energy

Did you know Australia could produce enough energy for everyone on just 0.3% of our land? Learn how energy is made and stored by looking at how our solar panels and wind turbines work. Create your own way of generating power through solar cookers and our famous “Bike Cinema”! 

Journey of the Universe

Check out the amazing timeline which traces the story of Rahamim way back, starting from the Big Bang! Learn about how supernovas gave birth to galaxies, our solar system, then life on our Earth and very home.  Observe parts of our site that date back millions of years and imagine what might happen in the future. 

Wiradjuri Voices at Rahamim

Our nearby mountain, Wahluu (Mt Panorama), was an important meeting place of initiation for Wiradjuri people. Through bush-tucker, stories and songs, learn about how the Wiradjuri cared for the land, waters and all living things on the site we now call Rahamim. 

Eco Bag & Bailing Twine Problem Solving

Horse-lovers around Bathurst collect high-quality feed bags and bailing twine that are non-recyclable. Join us in inventing a new purpose for these unwanted items and print your own logo on the finished product.



Religious Education (integrating Science, History and Geography)

Bone Country Ritual

Feel welcome and ‘arrive’ at this place while honouring and remembering the places where our bones feel most welcome and at home. This ritual draws our attention to soil as the connector, healer and restorer of life while respectfully acknowledging we are on Wiradjuri country.

Attentive Time

Spread out and find a spot on the grass for quiet time all to yourself (at least 5 metres from anyone else). Pick up a leaf that ‘chooses’ you and sit with it, sketching its many subtle details with pencil and paper. (Note – this is not about doing the ‘best’ drawing, but about paying attention to the details, sitting quietly and getting to know your leaf).  After 15-20 minutes, come back for some circle time – can you describe the feeling of getting to know your leaf?

Mercy Heritage

What is this place? Who lived here and why? What’s the connection with our school/ministry? Explore inside the heritage house, Logan Brae, which later became known as St Joseph’s Mount. Learn about the times when it was a novitiate for the Bathurst Sisters of Mercy. Visit the archives, heritage room, and chapel to experience a little of how the Sisters lived, how they were feeling, what they were learning, and how they bravely ventured out for ministry through the Central West of New South Wales.

Body Prayer

Experience a unique mode of prayer developed by Sr Miriam MacGillis at Genesis Farm. Through gentle guided movement (similar to Tai Chi) we will ground ourselves in this place and honour the gifts and lessons of the four directions, Earth and sky.

Pope for the Planet

Learn about how Pope Francis is challenging all people to hear the “Cry of Earth and the Cry of the Poor” as one cry. Find out how people are reading the bible and understanding religious thinking in new ways that bring “Care for our Common Home” to the centre of what it means to be a person of faith today. This program draws on contemporary biblical scholarship, eco-theology, and papal documents to show a long tradition of listening to Earth in the Christian tradition, brought to life by Pope Francis.

Expanding the Circle of Mercy

Find out how and why Mercy ministries are expanding their circle of Mercy to include the inter-linked needs of both people and planet. Inspired by the charism of Catherine McAuley and the meaning found in the unfolding story of the universe, explore how mercy is experienced as comprehensive compassion for all in the Earth community.

Earth Ethics and Eco-Justice

Why is it wrong to destroy the world? Taking inspiration from contemporary ethics and eco-justice, this program engages in interactive outdoor reflection activities, thought experiments and debates, giving rise to an ethical framework for human behaviour on Earth, starting with your backyard.

Counter Consumption – Voluntary Simplicity

We know about the problems with consumerism, what are the solutions? The Voluntary Simplicity movement is gaining huge momentum in Australia and around the world as a way of life for these times of ecological crisis. Learn about ways people are living simpler lives with less ‘stuff’ while actually increasing happiness and fulfilment.


Learn about how your ministry experience for programs like CSYMA can respond to the call of Pope Francis to ‘Care for our Common Home’. Youth ministry experiences through Rahamim Ecology Centre gather teams of secondary and post-school students for practical action and advocacy for environmental issues combined with spirituality, community and peer-to-peer ministry.

Human Trafficking

Find out about the work of ACRATH, Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking of Humans. How does the economic system works to exploit both humans and Earth? Why are groups of religious people getting together to stop it?

Fire and Water Rituals

In the long Celtic tradition of honouring the symbols of St Brigid, fire and water, experience ritual around the fire-pit or the Rahamim well, honouring Christian traditions in ancient forms though contemporary eco-spirituality practices. 

Cosmic Walk

Take time to listen to the awe-inspiring story of the journey of the universe as our one sacred story. Honour this 13.8-billion-year journey that brought all things into being. This outdoor spiral walking ritual begins at the point of the Great Flaring Forth (Big Bang), and threads through the expansion of the universe and all the thresholds of the unfolding of life on Earth until the present time. What will the next threshold look like in this continually unfolding story?

Eco Spirituality

“The Spirit of Life dwells in every living creature and calls us to enter into relationship…” (Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ 85). Spend time engaging in a range of contemplative practices to quiet the mind and re-connect yourself as part of the natural world. The session includes meditation, body prayer, Tibetan walk, ritual and other practices to pay closer attention to the wonders around us.

Natural Mindfulness

Enjoy some time out to de-stress and breath in some fresh air. Through contemplative practices of quieting the mind, deep listening, stillness and Tai Chi, take a journey to your inner-self and just relax by becoming tuned-in to the natural wonders all around us.


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