Coincidence v Consciousness? 

Gem Green’s opening question went something like this, “Have you ever thought about a person in one instance, only to find that you have a letter or phone call from that same person within the next 24 hours? Coincidence?” No – Quantum Physics or Subtle Energies. Gem’s surname alone would suggest a certain synchronicity with Green drinks.

In preparation for our next Great Work Book Club meeting we are reading the final chapter of Consciousness v Catastrophe – Gillian Ross, which also explores this very same topic. Coincidence? I think not. This is  “[the]… concept of synchronicity or meaningful coincidences” (Ross – P 172). Since starting work at Rahamim I have been blessed with these meaningful coincidences frequently. 

Subtle Energies in Landscapes explores the science and experiences behind this very phenomenon of synchronicity and how it is expressed by Earth. Similar to how kinesiology works in the human, it looks at the energy flowing through landscapes – subtle to most of us – but incredibly powerful when explored more thoroughly. When a practitioner such as Gem (or her Scottish mentor, Patrick MacManaway) looks at landscapes, they are able to find energy flows and blockages that affect our usage of the land, communities or home. Gem and Patrick can also discover past hurts that the land and its communities have experienced and help to understand how it is affecting current usage of land, office or home.

Gem shared some powerful and spine-tingling experiences of her own where she had helped the energy flows and centres change for families, communities and businesses as well as for land under her own stewardship with some incredible results. She shared pictures and stories of implementing her very own stone circle similar to those used by the Celts in the UK and in Europe to utilise cosmic energies for increased fertility for crops and pastures.

Gem is also a Lifeline Technique practitioner where she is able to look at the human body in the same way she looks at the land. Healing through energy flows and centres. A common cry of lifeline technique practitioners is "Infinite Love and Gratitude".

It is very difficult not to send Gem our Infinite Love and Gratitude for what she has shared with the Rahamim community. I look forward to more meaningful coincidences involving Gem in the future.

Watch Gem Green’s Talk on You Tube here.