Teachers and Educators

The ongoing work of Rahamim has included many years of experience hosting Spirituality days, both on-site in Bathurst and in other locations.

Spirituality days at Rahamim offer staff from schools and other organisations a unique opportunity to take time out to ‘be’ together, to reflect on their key values, to share, to learn, to re-energise and plan inspired action.

Held on-site at Rahamim, the experience includes inspired meals from house-grown food using the SOLVE principle.

Programs are tailored to suit the needs and specific values of individual groups.


Starting your school vegetable or herb garden

Setting up a school vegetable garden can seem daunting but with some planning and guidance you can get started and maintain what you've developed. Let Jen Ringbauer, Rahamim's Sustainability Educator guide you through basic principles and what to plant, and when. 


Introduction to eco-spirituality and Laudato Si

In his encyclical Laudato Si', Pop Francis invites us to to explore integral ecology and bring to the centre of the Christian tradition a spirituality which honours the sacred in the world around us. 
This hands-on, experimental program  includes practices that empower teachers to facilitate eco-spirituality themselves. 


Cosmology and the Universe Story

Cosmology is the science of the origin and development of the universe. 


Rituals and the recognition of seasons

The act of ritual is a common thread that has linked humanity throughout the ages, regardless of ethnicity, culture or religion.
Let Sally Neaves, our Eco-education Coordinator walk you through the importance of rituals and teach you the Body Prayer, our key ritual and celebration of nature. 


Mercy Traditions and Spirituality

Mercy Spirituality and Traditions is a program that gives the participants the opportunity for deeper reflection on the founding stories of Mercy and an opportunity to build a connection between these stories and their own experiences of spirituality. 


Mercy Earth Educators Network

Rahamim, with the support of Mercy Education, is forming a network for educators in Mercy schools called the Mercy Earth Educators Network.
The goals of the network are to enhance our efforts for Earth literacy as we connect with others to:
Share projects (such as sustainability initiatives, eco-spirituality programs, or advocacy work) with other like-minded educators
Get ideas from other schools to improve our effectiveness as Mercy Earth educators
Keep informed about latest resources and directions or policies in Earth education for Mercy ministries
Potentially collaborate on programs where synergy is found between Mercy schools.
The network will meet online twice a year and stay connected through our Mercy Earth Educators Network group on Facebook.
We are currently contacting all Mercy schools seeking champions of Earth education projects for sustainability and/or spirituality. If you know of anyone who may be interested please contact sally.neaves@rahamim.org.au.



Spirituality Days for Schools and other organisations


·      Spiritual practices and team-building (such as meditation, African drumming, body prayer, ritual, creative expression and sharing)

·      Experiences outdoors (such as reflection time or ‘work’ in the garden)

·      Sessions exploring the works of Pope Francis, including Laudato Si’ and the 8th Work of Mercy

·      Eco Spirituality and Theology

·      Biblical reflections

·      Sustainable living skills (such as waste management, organic vegetable gardening, composting)

·      Mercy Story and Heritage (including heritage tour of the former Mercy novitiate)

·      Mercy values today

·      Cosmology and Earth Literacy

·      Advocacy

·      Eco-Leadership

Introduction to Laudato Si’ and Eco-Spirituality

This two-day live-in immersion experience introduces participants to the tradition and practices of ecological spirituality while getting to know other educators in a supportive environment.

In his encyclical Laudato Si’, Pope Francis invites us to explore integral ecology and bring to the centre of the Christian tradition a spirituality which honours the sacred teaching in all things. In the context of the current ecological crisis, these practices can motivate new action, expressed in his new 8th Work of Mercy: ‘Show Mercy to our Common Home’.

The hands-on, experiential program will include practices that empower teachers to facilitate eco-spirituality themselves, allowing the natural world to nurture our spirituality through prayer, ritual, food and creative expression.

Held on-site at Rahamim, the experience includes inspired meals from house-grown food using the SOLVE principle: Seasonal, Organic, Local, Vegetarian, and Ethical.

Setting up your School Veggie Patch - organic vegetable gardening workshop for teachers

What’s needed for a successful vegetable garden in an outdoor classroom or playground? This workshop is designed for school staff to become familiar with the skills, tools and time needed to take on a successful organic garden project with students and the whole school community.

The program includes a seasonal manual with a planting guide and take-away seedlings.

Topics include:

·       Soil

·       Compost

·       Seasonal planting

·       Mulching

·       Watering

·       Planting from seed

·       Seed saving

·       Companion planting

·       Worm farming

·       Using a green/poly house

·       Chickens

·       Garden beds

·       Tools

·       Tips for working with children in gardens

·       Vegetable gardening and the school curriculum

·       Incorporating the garden into wellbeing or spirituality programs

·       Tips for the school garden on the holidays