“The warm welcome from staff was wonderful and it is obvious that there is a strong commitment to and passion for the work you do. Our walk around the garden was very enlightening and we enjoyed the opportunity to plant some seedlings. And lunch! what a fantastic spread. Everyone raved about the pizzas and salads. Finishing off with the Body Prayer and talk was a lovely way to wrap up the day. Thank you. So all in all it all worked well. Thank you”

Staff at ISMAPNG

Stanmore Office

Peter Meers


James Sheahan Catholic High School

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentations with Jen’s support to our students last Friday. You provide an incredibly powerful and engaging message to students about the critical need to care for our precious Earth and all its inhabitants, human, animal and plant, reflecting the focus and passion of the Mercy Sisters and indeed Pope Francis in many statements and his encyclical, Laudato Si. Thanks again... and congratulations on the work of Rahamim."

Sr Mary Nuttall


"Once again, thank you for the wonderful interactive session that you organised for us. Each session has been rich in input from yourself and from the other participants.  The visuals and video clips have enhanced the content and have given us ample opportunities to reflect on, among many essentials, ‘deep incarnation and deep redemption’.
I am delighted that I will be able now to move more confidently to a more reflective and active participation in caring for creation in all of its myriad forms."

Alison Fitzsimmons

Primary School Teacher

Participant on Rainforest Reawakening Retreat, 2017

"It's a couple of weeks since we spent those precious days with you on retreat, basking deeply in the honour and sacredness of our earth.

I have returned home, a new woman invigorated by my shift in consciousness and feeling the 'JUICY-NESS!!! 

You will love to hear that with my five year olds at school, we tend to slip into more conversations about 'kindfulness' to each other and to our Earth. "

"Thank you for your inspiring words of wisdom. You’ve challenged us to be merciful and to look at the universe with “new eyes”.

Cathedral School


"We are so grateful to you for sharing with us this journey of discovery of who we all are in this Universe. The beautiful way in which you invited us into the story and challenge to us of how we might be! Thank you so very much – you are wonderful."

Leadership Programme & Dublin


"Thank you for your creativity, energy and presence with us today. We are truly blessed as a Mercy school to hear and share your wisdom."

Our Lady of Mercy College


Thanks so much for hosting us over the the weekend - the course went well and people raved about the food!”

Heather McCabe


"What I liked most about the program at Rahamim was that the presenter very sincere, easy to listen to. The session with photo language was a good idea and promoted thought and discussion easily. The outside “through the ages” spiral exercise was, for me, the highest impact exercise."

St Raphael's Catholic School, Cowra


"Thank you all for a very caring and peaceful atmosphere..."

Helen Kerr

"The program at Rahamim was a relaxing day that allowed staff to give thought to the issues that were raised. A good amount of time was spent on each part of the course content and the program allowed attendees to feel comfortable about their day. A very relaxing and grounding environment. Thought provoking and knowledgeable host.

St Joseph's School, Portland