In this four-week online course you will learn everything about compost and how to build your own compost system that is best suited to your needs and property, whether you live in an apartment or on a farm.

The Waste to Living Earth course explores four different compost systems:  Static compost, Hot compost, Vermiculture (also known as worm farming) and the Bokashi Bucket Method. 

The course will guide you through the set-up and how to manage these compost systems once started. It also includes a webinar with Sustainability Educator, Jen Ringbauer, where you can ask all your composting questions and a bonus lesson on reducing waste and waste streams.  

This course is specially designed for those who have been wanting to start their own compost either at home or work but need support in setting up a system that will work perfectly for their property and needs.   

Cost: $20.00 (Introductory early bird price)

When: 17th June 2019  - 15th July 2019

Where: Anywhere - Online via your device

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