1. Glass jars and dip containers: Think curry jars, tomato sauce jars, and olive jars, the more different shapes and sizes the better. These are great for use as storage, a water bottle, for packing lunch, or even as a vase. Keep one in your car for when you’re eating out to bring home leftovers! They’re mostly freezer and dishwasher friendly, and air tight so they keep everything fresh.

2. Old t-shirts, pyjamas and towels: These make great cleaning cloths, cut them into squares to use as car rags, wipes for the kitchen, and body wash cloths. These are also good for animal bedding if you have pets.

3. Food scraps: Amazing for making veggie stock, use the off-cuts and peels of onions, carrots, potato, etc. Keep a jar in the freezer and add to it as you go. Just put scraps in a pot, cover with water and boil for 30 minutes. Add some salt and it can be used straight away or frozen for later.

4. Soap leftovers: What can you do with the small bits of soap leftovers? Instead of throwing them away you can collect them and make them into liquid soap by adding hot water. Check out this helpful link https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Liquid-Soap-from-Soap-Leftovers

5. Cutlery set: Make your own re-usable cutlery set by wrapping up a fork, spoon, knife in a square cloth, I just use a hanky and tie it up with a string. Leave it in your bag so you’re always ready when eating out and it’s great for travelling too.

6. Tote bags: You know the ones that you get for free at events and shops? These are great for compartmentalising your drawers and/or travel suitcases. Roll them down so the straps are out of the way and have one for socks, tops, pants, etc.